Finding the best auto insurance rates can seem daunting. This is made even more difficult considering that many insurance agents are reluctant to provide voluntary information about available discounts and deductibles.

So, to get the best car insurance rates, you should be armed with the facts.

1) Compare premiums

The first thing to do is compare insurance premiums. Prices in your area may vary by location and agency. Sure, they may not vary much, but even a percentage or two can help you save a lot of money in the long run.

Visit the websites of various insurance companies and compare the premiums offered. State insurance departments usually have pricing guides, but the categories used by the company you’re considering may not match yours. Find the cheapest insurance agent.

2) family

If there are any in the family that are her teenagers, precisely those under her 25 years of age, be careful. Young drivers tend to pay more because they are more prone to accidents. After reaching 25, this decreases statistically.

That said, if you have kids, encourage them to keep their grades above the B average and get a discount on car insurance, the student can save between 5% for her and 25% for her. Plus, you can get significant discounts when you complete a certified driver training course.

Parents of students who spend part of each year at school more than 100 miles from home and need a family car are also exempt. 3) Safe driving

Children aren’t the only ones who need to be careful on the road. Many insurers offer a 5% discount to those who maintain 3 consecutive years of accident-free records, and a 10% discount to those who have 6 years of accident-free records.

Where you live if you are female and the only driver in your family, non-smoker, elderly, or have a particular occupation (usually law or medicine) where accidents are statistically unlikely You can even get discounts depending on.

You can get even more discounts by taking a defensive driving course, carpooling, and keeping your car mileage low. If your insurance company participates in a data tracking program that monitors your driving behavior, you can often get a discount as well. All of these plans depend on where you are and which company you use. Also, discounts may not be available from one month to the next.

You should keep an eye on your insurance company and make sure you are getting the rebates you deserve. Asking about these programs can save, but not hurt. So call your agent today.

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